About me

amelie c bourgeois
amélie cousineau bourgeois
adjointe virtuelle virtual assistant

I have a twelve year background as an administrative assistant, including eight at Revenu Quebec (Quebec Tax Agency).
I have a professional studies diploma (DEP) in secretarial work and soon a certificate (Management – Quebec University – Teluq).

Dynamic and versatile, I am recognized for my efficiency and my proactivity.

In fact, I’m not just doing my job, my goal is to support you and help you be more efficient, hassle-free.

Results-oriented, I work with a view to continuous improvement.

When I do a job, I like to submit my ideas to improve it, whether it’s a document or a process. This way of work has made life easier for my managers and colleagues, besides improving the productivity of my team when I had the opportunity to help improve a few processes (as an assistant and as a P.O.)

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My curiosity and my thirst for learning mean that I am interested in many subjects and have led me to broaden my knowledge by undertaking a BAA by cumulative certificates at Teluq (University of Quebec – distance learning), following various training (agile management, communication, etc.) as well as taking on new responsibilities that involved more complex tasks, which was very rewarding both professionally and personally.

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Why did I choose to become a virtual assistant?

I liked being an assistant, I am passionate about this field and it allows me to have a good balance between my professional and family life.

I chose to offer my services rather than return to work as an employee, because I want to take up the challenge of entrepreneurship and help passionate people achieve their goals with my expertise.

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